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Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus aligment over Madrid



In this site, you may review the photos of your event in ultra-HD and free download the originals by clicking the arrow under each photo. You can also buy high-quality prints of your preferred photos in the most modern formats.

And if you are looking for outstanding decorative photography for your home or office, you may visit my "Fine Art Photography" collection and order museum-grade prints in large or standard formats. We will deliver them to you in seven business days.

         ·  Pro-grade photo imaging & museum-grade finishings and materials

         ·  True-to-color calibration with professional color management

         ·  Exceptional fidelity to the original, vibrancy and depth of image

         ·  Fine Art substrates or premium photo papers

         ·  Precision mounted & ready to hang

         ·  Worldwide shipping in about one week


Our printing lab is the Scotland based Loxley Colour, one of the best printing labs in Europe, and our hosting web is the US company SmugMug, responsible for all the processes of this site and for the delivery of the high-quality prints directly to your home. A SmugMug fidelity print guarantee plus a refund guarantee are included in the Loxley prices.

What do we mean by "fidelity print guarantee"? For each of your print orders a team of specialists is going to check the technical specifications of the original photo, the dimension of the file, the tonality, the saturation and the pixels per inch, and will adapt them (without modifying the original) to make the photo-file suitable for the specific size, finishing and substrate of your order. This guarantees that you obtain what you see on the screen, avoiding the most common problem of digital photography, that is that the quality of the prints is not consistent with the perfection and vibrant colors we see in our devices (a problem that is especially important for medium and big formats, that quite often require a large amount of engineering work to produce reliable prints). Once the photo-file is adapted by SmugMug professionals to your requirements, Loxley Colour will be able to produce a perfect print for you. But if you aren’t happy with the result of any print, SmugMug will get it right again and will order a reprint for you. Alternatively, SmugMug will provide a 100% refund, whichever you prefer.


The prices of the prints at this site are set up by SmugMug and can be higher than the prices offered by Loxley directly in its own web (especially for medium and big formats). The reason is that the prices include the costs of the above-mentioned fidelity print guarantee and the 100% refund guarantee, plus a 10% copyright profit. If you want to avoid any  incremental price due to the cost of the guarantees, you can simply free download the originals of your photos, or buy a download of the original of the  Fine Art photo of your choice, and order a print directly at Loxley own site or at the printing lab of your preference.


The most modern substrate for printing fine art photography is "Alumini", also called "Metal prints" or "HD Metal". It is our recommended product for printing your photos and our fine art collection. Please find here two videos explaining the Alumni and Metal Prints  (to learn more, see additional videos below).

Alumini or Metal prints are totally different from the usual "aluminium" prints, that are quite often a thin photographic print that is mounted onto a sheet of aluminium. On the contrary, in creating the Alumini they take the image, reverse it via heat transfer at 240º to the aluminium substrate, and infuse the ink straight into the metal. A choice of four coatings is then applied to provide a polished and defined finish, ensuring longevity (*). The vivacity and realism of the resulting image are outstanding compared with the traditional prints mounted on aluminium, and also compared with classic wall papers and canvas prints.

The Alumini product has a real Wow! factor, unlike anything out there in the market. The Alumini printing process adds a whole new dimension to fine art photography. What makes the Alumini such a fabulous product is that it is durable, versatile, waterproof, weather and moisture resistant (*), suitable for bathrooms, and ultra scuff resistant. The resolution, clarity, and depth of the image are unique, particularly in the most popular finish –Gloss.  Alumini has the ability to make vibrant and colourful photography stand out and create a real impact. Alumini is the perfect print for landscapes, portraits, and high key photography.  

(*) Whilst the Alumini is weather and moisture resistant, direct and permanent sunlight may fade the print, so keep the prints out of strong direct sunlight. Images printed with the Alumini or MetalPrint process will last for generations when displayed indoors and out of direct sunlight